The entire world is looked like a paused in position due to the outbreak of Covid-19. The pace of human life has become nothing but stopped. Every day, people have witnessed the records of new infections and deaths. Bangladesh is no exception. That’s why; CSDF started a number of activities simultaneously to address Covid-19 though in the limited range from the beginning while the country confirmed its first cases. The activities included awareness of the people through spreading the right information about Covid-19 and encourage the people to wear masks and maintain social distancing especially while they go outside. It also distributed about 16,000 masks among the general people in different parts of the country, including the Dhaka metropolis areas. In addition, CSDF started to distribute relief materials among the marginalized people from April 2020 which are still functioning its operation. A total of 574 families were brought under either food support
or given cash directly to buy food. Each packet worth of BDT 1000 (one thousand)contains food items— rice, pulses, oil, salt, onions, potatoes and soap were given to each family. The activities also cover the students of the Enlightened Children project, the families of non-resident children and orphans of CWP project, and the affected families who were living near the CWP project areas. It is also to be mentioned that CSF distributed cooked foods among 16,825 floating and helpless
people in the municipal areas of Manikganjwhich was started before Ramadan and lasted for 35 days continuously.