Message from Chairman

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

All praises to Allah (SWT) and Peace be upon to Prophet

It’s a great pleasure and opportunity to welcome you all to Council for Social Development Foundation (CSDF), a non-government organization dedicated to achieve a value-based society of hope, peace and communal harmony. We deeply marked the day of the beginning of this prestigious organization along with a group of visionary people of the country as these people have been tirelessly working towards the well-being of the countrymen with globally accepted standards in a dynamic landscape.

Bangladesh is now at the transformational phase of development i.e. paradigm shift from MDGs to SDGs along with First Perspective Plan (2010-2021) to Second Perspective Plan (2021-2041) to turn the country as a higher middle-income country by 2031 and a higher income & developed country by 2041. In spite of significant achievement in line, the country is still facing enormous challenges in poverty reduction; quality education and life-long learning; ensuring food security, health and nutrition; secure water and sanitation, sustained and inclusive economic growth, social development, productive employment, gender equity and women empowerment, governance, peaceful and inclusive societies etc. The noble efforts of CSDF are nothing but to keep continued the country’s accelerated growth path to finally achieve the sustainable development of the country.

It is imperative to remember that we all have responsibility towards our beloved country and that is why my great admiration for you to be a part of CSDF’s endeavours.




Dr. Meer Monjur Mahmood


Council for Social Development Foundation (CSDF)