Title Description
PROJECT TITLE:  Faith Leaders in Peace Action
GRANT START DATE: September 11, 2019
GRANT END DATE: June 10, 2020
TARGET GROUP(S): Faith leaders and influencers
Activity APPROACH: Communications & Networks
Driver(s): Absence of Leadership on Tolerance and Acceptance
Activity APPROACH: Communications & Networks
FUNDED UNDER: USAID Obirodh: Road to Tolerance Program


The activity aims to mobilize selected faith influencers with enhanced skills to rebuild trust and take a bridge-building role among communities against violent extremism in Bangladesh. This activity under the project supports CSDF to organize two PVE orientations for 40 faith influencers, produce 3 short videos on peace messages involving key faith personalities and stakeholders. Additionally, CSDF asks for a review on these 3 videos from 5-10 inter-faith leaders and air the finalized videos in digital media/ popular online-based TV channels and social websites.