Title Description
PROJECT TITLE:  Empowering Female Students with Peace Building Skill
GRANT START DATE: September 1, 2019
GRANT NUMBER:  No. 608000.09. DHK022
GRANT START DATE: September 1, 2019
GRANT END DATE: February 29, 2020
TARGET GROUP(S): Female Students
Activity APPROACH: Communications & Networks
Driver(s): Absence of Critical Thinking Skills
Activity APPROACH: People to People Programming
FUNDED UNDER: USAID Obirodh: Road to Tolerance Program


This activity trained 25 female teachers of 20 informal institutions to help female Madrasha students to think critically about outside negative influencers, develop emotional intelligence skills and self-confident to understand, identify and reject negative and violent actions. Under this six-month-long project, CSDF developed a curriculum on peacebuilding and leadership skills, conduct two orientations for institutional personnel and one two-day long orientation on a curriculum for female teachers from informal institutions in Dhaka.