Council for Social Development Foundation (CSDF) is a developmental, humanitarian and campaigning organization which is working for human security, sustainable integrated development, peace and communal harmony. CSDF is dedicated to working with individuals, and other development and humanitarian partners to overcome people’s vulnerability and sufferings irrespective of their religion, race, ethnicity or gender. CSDF strives for creating a poverty, extremism and injustice free society.

CSDF’s one of the main agenda is to ensure human security and spread the message of peace. CSDF argues that violent extremism would pose serious challenges to human security and development. Moreover, CSDF strongly believes in a faith-based approach to sustainable development and a tolerant society where differences of opinion and belief will be respected.
Inclusivity is a fundamental element of sustainable development. CSDF has a vast network of inter-faith leaders which includes female as well and organizations throughout the country covering eight divisions. The organization has proven track record of working with USAID, UNICEF, BRAC and UNFPA fund.